Do-it-yourself car repairs can be fun and cost-effective ways of maintaining your vehicle. While a great deal of skill is generally required, it is also critical to have the correct tools within any shop or garage. Although certain pieces of equipment will naturally be designed for very specific tasks, there are a few must-have items which should never be overlooked. Let’s have a quick overview of some examples.Car MoversOne of the most time-consuming problems within many garages is associated with accessing the hard-to-reach areas of a vehicle. Safety is likewise a very real concern. These are two of the primary reasons why professional car movers are excellent choices. They are able to support a great deal of weight and come in different sizes. Car movers are considered to be much more effective than traditional car jacks.Ratchet and Socket SetsThe ratchet is often called the “best friend” of the mechanic, and for good reason. These tools are highly adaptable and their sockets come in both standard and metric sizes. Thus, nearly any bolt can be removed quickly and with little effort. Extensions and even pneumatically powered models are other options to consider. Like most garage equipment, it is always best to take a look at online reviews to determine the top makes and models. Many such sets can last for years on end with no failure or mechanical problems.DollyA rolling dolly further aids in mobility when working on or underneath a vehicle. Dollies can also be used to transport heavy items that may be nearby such as a transmission or a tyre. Modern technology has allowed many models to be extremely durable and lightweight. Some even have electrical connections to power handheld lights and other devices. As comfort is a concern, those with padded headrests are recommended.Beam HoistsBeam hoists are perfectly suited for handling large loads which may not be able to be supported by traditional means. As their name suggests, they are normally mounted on an overhead metal beam. Many are electrically powered and these hoists can support varying loads (depending upon the required use). It is recommended that only trusted brand names be chosen, as they will offer the highest levels of safety. Finally, it is critical that the overhead beam is able to handle the intended stresses and loads.These are all essential tools for the automobile enthusiast. Through a one-off investment, years of functionality and safety can be enjoyed.