If you are not a mechanic and have no experience in car maintenance, this could well put the fear of God into you, but there are opportunities here to save money on expensive garage fees. No one expects you to start stripping an engine down or anything as drastic as that, but you can build up some knowledge and save some money along the way, we will look at some helpful tips here.Start small and build up your confidenceWe all have to start somewhere and car maintenance is no exception to this rule. There is no point risking further damage or putting anyone at risk by messing with something you don’t know about. Start small, with jobs you can research about easily online. Replacing windscreen wipers, bulbs and other perishable items as a starting point is a good idea. This gives you a chance to get to know where the obvious components are.Don’t be afraid to consider doing it yourselfThere is a wealth of information online. Watching tutorial videos online is a great way to assess how difficult, or not, a job is going to be. So when something comes up and before you run to a dealer or garage, just take a look and see if it’s worth a go. Tasks like changing oil, fuses, replacing an exhaust and the like may end up being much more within your ability range than you think.If it starts to go wrong, seek helpIf you have gone too far with a job and you find you are out of your depth, make safety a priority and get a professional to ensure that any damage caused is rectified to an appropriate standard. Don’t feel defeated if something like this happens, we all make mistakes and you shouldn’t be put off having a try ay any future tasks. Ther is a lot of money to be saved by trying these things out for yourself, so go ahead, give it a go.