Car theft is a huge problem across the world. Millions of pounds worth of vehicles are stolen every year and the stress and hassle this causes for car owners is something you desperately want to avoid. Fortunately there are a range of anti theft devices you can purchase for your car that will make it much more difficult for a thief to take it from you.Mechanical ImmobiliserMechanical immobilisers are very visible on cars and the sight alone of these devices is enough to deter many would be thieves. A steering wheel lock is the most common type of mechanical immobiliser and can be purchased for around £20. Other types of mechanical immobilisers include a tire lock, hood lock and gearstick lock. Mechanical immobilisers are a strong deterrent to thieves, however, they are not foolproof and it’s highly recommended that they are used along with another anti theft device.Electronic ImmobiliserLots of new cars come equipped with an electronic immobiliser. A transponder or microchip is built into the car key and sends a signal to the ignition and fuel pump when you start your car. Without this signal it’s impossible to start the car. An electronic immobiliser is an excellent way of preventing thieves from taking your car unless they get their hands on your keys. In this case an electronic immobiliser can be easily overcome.Car AlarmA car alarm is another very visible form of protection and, like the mechanical immobilisers, knowledge of its presence is enough to persuade many thieves to steer clear of your car. A basic car alarm can be installed on your vehicle for as little as £80. However, it may be worth your while spending a little extra on a more sophisticated alarm which will only go off when your car is genuinely broken into. Your neighbours will appreciate this too.Vehicle TrackingThis is the best form of anti theft protection available. A transmitter is hidden in your vehicle and, thanks to GPS technology, you can pinpoint the location of your car at any time. It’s extremely difficult to circumnavigate this device and even the most skilled car thieves will think twice about attempting to take ownership of your vehicle. Reports suggest that around 90 per cent of stolen cars boasting a tracking device are retrieved.Don’t forget to inform your insurance company of any anti theft protection you have installed on your car. You will often be able to benefit from a reduced premium for having the foresight to secure your car.