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Make your car last longer with proper car care

Caring for your car proactively is a sure-fire way to ensure your car lasts longer. Car depreciation is not merely a matter of time; it is a matter of neglect. Care for your car with diligence and forethought and you extend its life tenfold.Use a Fuel Cleaning SystemThere are chemicals such as RedEx that can help clean out the inside of your engine so that it works more efficiently. It clears out your carburettor and fuel system of nasty residue. It has a long-term effect as it helps to maintain the efficiency of your car. Some say that it needs to be done regularly to have any long-term benefit, but even putting it in your tank when you fill up will help extend the use of your fuel significantly, so you get an immediate benefit too.Have Your Car Serviced RoutinelyYou should be having it serviced at the intervals the owner’s manual suggests. It helps fix small issues that have a long-term effect on your car’s performance and its need for repairs. Also, be sure to check your tyre pressure at least once per month to be sure your pressures are at the right levels. Have routine partial and full services at brand named garage, so you know the work is getting done properly. It is the one sure way to make your car last longer.Newer cars do not need to warm up as longModern cars do not need as much warm up time, and long periods of idling may actually increase the rate of depreciation for your car. Unload the extra weight in your car, especially the things you have thrown in your boot and forgotten about.Wash your car regularlyThis includes cleaning the underside of your car. The various impurities that get onto your car and under your car will eventually take a toll on your paintwork. It does take a long time and a lot of driving before you notice the difference, but simply keeping your car clean is enough to stop your car looking old before its time.

5 Factors that affect your car insurance premiums

Ever wondered what actually determines your car insurance costs? There are, in fact, several factors that come into play and here are some to look out for.Your job titleAn article from reported that ‘a careful choice of the words you use to describe your job could shave up to 25pc off your car insurance premiums.’ For example, a ‘fashion photographer’ gets a quote of £487 whereas a ‘photographer’ is quoted £360 by the same insurer. Similarly, an insurer can quote a ‘waiter’ with £597 while quoting a ‘café worker’ with £538. So the more impressive job titles can increase your premium irrespective of your driving ability and experience.Your driving historyDrivers with speeding tickets and a history of road accidents will pay higher premium rates than a driver that goes accident-free on the road for several years.The risk of theft to your carThe car model that is more attractive to thieves will have a higher insurance rate compared to a car model that is less likely to be stolen. If you can’t resist your car choice, installing anti-theft features to your car may reduce the increased rate.Where you liveYou pay a lower premium if you live in a rural area than if you live in a busy city where there is higher traffic and, therefore, a greater likelihood of motor accidents. Insurers also look at the theft risk in that area, too.Buy multiple insurance policies with the same insurerIf you buy two or more types of insurance policies with the same insurer, you will receive additional discounts – saving you money on your premiums.There are many other determining factors including your age, gender and how expensive your car is. All in all, car insurance pricing may not be as clear-cut as you expect it to be which is why premium rates differ so much from one policyholder to the next.

Save money buy doing your own car maintenance

If you are not a mechanic and have no experience in car maintenance, this could well put the fear of God into you, but there are opportunities here to save money on expensive garage fees. No one expects you to start stripping an engine down or anything as drastic as that, but you can build up some knowledge and save some money along the way, we will look at some helpful tips here.Start small and build up your confidenceWe all have to start somewhere and car maintenance is no exception to this rule. There is no point risking further damage or putting anyone at risk by messing with something you don’t know about. Start small, with jobs you can research about easily online. Replacing windscreen wipers, bulbs and other perishable items as a starting point is a good idea. This gives you a chance to get to know where the obvious components are.Don’t be afraid to consider doing it yourselfThere is a wealth of information online. Watching tutorial videos online is a great way to assess how difficult, or not, a job is going to be. So when something comes up and before you run to a dealer or garage, just take a look and see if it’s worth a go. Tasks like changing oil, fuses, replacing an exhaust and the like may end up being much more within your ability range than you think.If it starts to go wrong, seek helpIf you have gone too far with a job and you find you are out of your depth, make safety a priority and get a professional to ensure that any damage caused is rectified to an appropriate standard. Don’t feel defeated if something like this happens, we all make mistakes and you shouldn’t be put off having a try ay any future tasks. Ther is a lot of money to be saved by trying these things out for yourself, so go ahead, give it a go.

The Best Tools for DIY Car Repairs

Do-it-yourself car repairs can be fun and cost-effective ways of maintaining your vehicle. While a great deal of skill is generally required, it is also critical to have the correct tools within any shop or garage. Although certain pieces of equipment will naturally be designed for very specific tasks, there are a few must-have items which should never be overlooked. Let’s have a quick overview of some examples.Car MoversOne of the most time-consuming problems within many garages is associated with accessing the hard-to-reach areas of a vehicle. Safety is likewise a very real concern. These are two of the primary reasons why professional car movers are excellent choices. They are able to support a great deal of weight and come in different sizes. Car movers are considered to be much more effective than traditional car jacks.Ratchet and Socket SetsThe ratchet is often called the “best friend” of the mechanic, and for good reason. These tools are highly adaptable and their sockets come in both standard and metric sizes. Thus, nearly any bolt can be removed quickly and with little effort. Extensions and even pneumatically powered models are other options to consider. Like most garage equipment, it is always best to take a look at online reviews to determine the top makes and models. Many such sets can last for years on end with no failure or mechanical problems.DollyA rolling dolly further aids in mobility when working on or underneath a vehicle. Dollies can also be used to transport heavy items that may be nearby such as a transmission or a tyre. Modern technology has allowed many models to be extremely durable and lightweight. Some even have electrical connections to power handheld lights and other devices. As comfort is a concern, those with padded headrests are recommended.Beam HoistsBeam hoists are perfectly suited for handling large loads which may not be able to be supported by traditional means. As their name suggests, they are normally mounted on an overhead metal beam. Many are electrically powered and these hoists can support varying loads (depending upon the required use). It is recommended that only trusted brand names be chosen, as they will offer the highest levels of safety. Finally, it is critical that the overhead beam is able to handle the intended stresses and loads.These are all essential tools for the automobile enthusiast. Through a one-off investment, years of functionality and safety can be enjoyed.

Different Types of Car Anti Theft Protection

Car theft is a huge problem across the world. Millions of pounds worth of vehicles are stolen every year and the stress and hassle this causes for car owners is something you desperately want to avoid. Fortunately there are a range of anti theft devices you can purchase for your car that will make it much more difficult for a thief to take it from you.Mechanical ImmobiliserMechanical immobilisers are very visible on cars and the sight alone of these devices is enough to deter many would be thieves. A steering wheel lock is the most common type of mechanical immobiliser and can be purchased for around £20. Other types of mechanical immobilisers include a tire lock, hood lock and gearstick lock. Mechanical immobilisers are a strong deterrent to thieves, however, they are not foolproof and it’s highly recommended that they are used along with another anti theft device.Electronic ImmobiliserLots of new cars come equipped with an electronic immobiliser. A transponder or microchip is built into the car key and sends a signal to the ignition and fuel pump when you start your car. Without this signal it’s impossible to start the car. An electronic immobiliser is an excellent way of preventing thieves from taking your car unless they get their hands on your keys. In this case an electronic immobiliser can be easily overcome.Car AlarmA car alarm is another very visible form of protection and, like the mechanical immobilisers, knowledge of its presence is enough to persuade many thieves to steer clear of your car. A basic car alarm can be installed on your vehicle for as little as £80. However, it may be worth your while spending a little extra on a more sophisticated alarm which will only go off when your car is genuinely broken into. Your neighbours will appreciate this too.Vehicle TrackingThis is the best form of anti theft protection available. A transmitter is hidden in your vehicle and, thanks to GPS technology, you can pinpoint the location of your car at any time. It’s extremely difficult to circumnavigate this device and even the most skilled car thieves will think twice about attempting to take ownership of your vehicle. Reports suggest that around 90 per cent of stolen cars boasting a tracking device are retrieved.Don’t forget to inform your insurance company of any anti theft protection you have installed on your car. You will often be able to benefit from a reduced premium for having the foresight to secure your car.