Caring for your car proactively is a sure-fire way to ensure your car lasts longer. Car depreciation is not merely a matter of time; it is a matter of neglect. Care for your car with diligence and forethought and you extend its life tenfold.Use a Fuel Cleaning SystemThere are chemicals such as RedEx that can help clean out the inside of your engine so that it works more efficiently. It clears out your carburettor and fuel system of nasty residue. It has a long-term effect as it helps to maintain the efficiency of your car. Some say that it needs to be done regularly to have any long-term benefit, but even putting it in your tank when you fill up will help extend the use of your fuel significantly, so you get an immediate benefit too.Have Your Car Serviced RoutinelyYou should be having it serviced at the intervals the owner’s manual suggests. It helps fix small issues that have a long-term effect on your car’s performance and its need for repairs. Also, be sure to check your tyre pressure at least once per month to be sure your pressures are at the right levels. Have routine partial and full services at brand named garage, so you know the work is getting done properly. It is the one sure way to make your car last longer.Newer cars do not need to warm up as longModern cars do not need as much warm up time, and long periods of idling may actually increase the rate of depreciation for your car. Unload the extra weight in your car, especially the things you have thrown in your boot and forgotten about.Wash your car regularlyThis includes cleaning the underside of your car. The various impurities that get onto your car and under your car will eventually take a toll on your paintwork. It does take a long time and a lot of driving before you notice the difference, but simply keeping your car clean is enough to stop your car looking old before its time.